M Proprietary Products

Since 1978, M Financial Group and its member firms, including MCM, have worked with some of the most prestigious insurers in the nation to build a suite of innovative product offerings, designed with improved pricing and additional product features that meet the needs of our clients.

What drives the M Financial pricing advantage?

  • Better mortality experience. Mortality rates for M Financial Group clients have been proven to be significantly better than the industry average.
  • Lower lapse ratios. Policies sold through member firms of the M Financial Group are proven to stay inforce longer, typically because they are part of a well-planned and continually monitored insurance strategy.
  • Large policy size. Policies sold through member firms of the M Financial Group have, on average, a face amount that is five times larger that industry average. This reduces the per-policy expenses incurred by the insurance companies in issuing the coverage.

Over the long-term, M Financial and its carrier partners have committed to monitoring ongoing experience for the M block of business, and to pass along any pricing improvements to both new and inforce policyholders. This commitment to inforce policyholders is unique in our industry, and it has been honored by M Financial Group and its carrier partners nine times since the first proprietary product was introduced in 1996.